Welcome to Greenacre

Greenacre School for Girls was established in 1933 by two exceptional young women. Both had a deep flair for teaching and a vision for a school that would provide not only excellent academic standards, but also an education tailored specifically to the needs of girls and young women. That vision is still central to the School today.

Greenacre is a thriving and vibrant school, large enough to offer variety, challenge and opportunities for all talents and interests, but small enough for each girl to be known as a unique individual, enabling her to realise her full potential. The School has a wide outlook, embracing the best of the nearby urban opportunities whilst being surrounded by countryside. The staff are highly qualified and committed to instilling the very best work habits in the girls and preparing them for an active role in the world. Greenacre is a human and sociable school in which girls of all ages, from 3 to 18, have the opportunity to develop fully, with all its resulting freedom and happiness.

Greenacre girls flourish in the school's wonderful environment and atmosphere where an innovative and outward looking approach is aligned with a respect for traditional values. They emerge as articulate, confident and inquisitive, accomplished, yet considerate young women of whom we are rightly proud.

Mrs Lindsay Redding

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