How will climate change affect us? Can the earth really cope with 10 billion people? Why are extreme weather events becoming more frequent? What can we do about coastal erosion? How did Ebola spread so quickly?

Geography lessons at Greenacre inspire curiosity about the world.  Pupils are encouraged to research, question and discuss current global events, whilst being taught key concepts in physical and human geography.

Lessons at all key stages employ a variety of teaching and learning strategies from physical modelling of volcanoes to watching relevant news clips. From the start we encourage independent research, creative projects, decision making tasks and debates to help realise the complexities of the problems we face in the twenty first century.  GCSE and A Level studies include field trips to practise field work skills and bring the subject to life.

Pupils are encouraged to enter a variety of competitions run by organisations such as the Royal Geographical Society throughout the year. The department also runs two clubs aimed at enthusing pupils about the subject and support those taking GCSE.

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