Modern Languages

The ability to communicate in a foreign language is a valuable skill that can open up an exciting range of  job opportunities.  We are committed to stimulating enthusiasm for languages and providing a supportive environment that promotes personal confidence in speaking another language and leads to academic achievement.

In the Junior School French is taught by class teachers from Year 1 and by a language specialist from Year 3.  In the Senior school both French and Spanish are included in the timetable from Year 7 – 9 and pupils are expected to study at least one language for GCSE, and those who show aptitude for languages are able to opt for both.

The Languages department offers opportunities for students to practise languages, from trips abroad, e.g. Le Touquet in Year 7, to live theatre performed by native speakers. Sixth Form students are expected to go on an exchange, attend a study course abroad or do work experience as an integral part of their studies. All classrooms are well equipped and there is a digital language lab.  Lingualine, a languages helpdesk for all year groups, is held at lunchtimes twice a week, to provide extra support and encouragement.

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