Religious Studies

Religious Studies at Greenacre is a stimulating and challenging subject that not only prepares pupils for success in academic examinations at GCSE and A level, but prepares them for many of the decisions and issues they will face in life beyond school and full-time education.

In years 7-9, pupils follow a course which includes an introduction to the study of Religion, an exploration of Christianity and the other world religions (the Baha’i Faith, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and Sikhism), a more detailed course on the Life and Mission of Jesus, an exploration of Religious, Spiritual and Moral Issues, and an Introduction to the Philosophy of Religion – looking behind beliefs to the arguments and reasons why people believe as they do.

In years 10-11, pupils may opt for the OCR Syllabus B GCSE which consists of two broad fields of study – Philosophy of Religion (including such topics as Religious and Spiritual Experience and Religion and Science) and Religious Ethics (including such topics as Religion and Relationships and Religion and the Media). This course gives pupils the opportunity to engage with topical ideas and issues and to develop and express their own beliefs and opinions.

In years 12-13, the OCR Philosophy of Religion and Religious Ethics course is offered, which is the most popular nationally. Students examine Arguments for and against the Existence of God and the Nature of Evil. They also engage with a range of Ethical Theories and their practical application to issues such as Abortion, Genetic Engineering and the Environment. This course is an excellent preparation for study of a wide range of degrees at University.

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