Biology is a popular subject choice. Students enjoy the breadth of the curriculum ranging from molecular studies on DNA and anatomy and physiology investigations to conservation and ecology fieldwork.  Progression through the Key Stages introduces further depth and complexity and develops a greater understanding and appreciation of the world.

Biology at Greenacre is taught by one of the country’s leading Biologists  (Royal Society of Biology Summer 2016)

We have also enjoyed success in two national competitions in the last year, gaining First Place for in the Physiological Society’s Bio-Bake Off for the Upper Sixth’s “Bun in the Oven” cake representing pregnancy at 3 and 7 months and second place for the Sixth Form at the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) for their poster on “Surrogacy”.


In the last two years two Oxbridge entrants have studied A Level Chemistry.  The department has outstanding resources and provides plenty of practical work and fun games to help pupils learn Chemistry.  Individual academic support is provided as required during lunch times and in the afterschool clinics.


The Physics department addresses a broad range of education requirements ranging from preparation for Oxbridge entrance for those who seek to pursue physics at university,  to developing an interest and understanding of physics as part of a broad and rounded education. Many students regard physics as one of the more challenging subjects, however the girls at Greenacre find the style of  teaching at Greenacre makes their learning enjoyable, and for many it becomes one of their favourite subjects.

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